Playing Social Media Hide & Seek

We all like to think that our expression on personal social media sites are actually personal, but by posting our lives in a public domain you make it free for the world to see–including the law.

According to Government Information Security Articles, it is entirely possible that the new acquaintance you just added as a friend is really a fed pulling incriminating information about you off your facebook page. The article, Feds consider going undercover on social networks confirms this notion.

By friending people under false pretenses these law officials have access to possibly incriminating information about possible suspects. It allows the feds to catch tax evaders, criminals, and even those who are a part of fake “convenient marriages”.

With this kind of privacy violation, no piece of information is safe. Phil Elmore, of World Net Daily explains that even if you’re not a criminal, you very well could still be being watched. This new government technique relies on the idea that if you’ve done nothing wrong now, you very well may do something wrong in the future.

Due to the outrage of many, The Electronic Frontier Foundation sued the Justice Department to change its policies under the Freedom of Information Act, which this kind of surveillance directly violates. Not to mention that this directly goes against some sites terms of service which require you to dutifully use your real name. For example, by creating a facebook page under a different name you are going against the conditions and rules of that very website.

This seems like a pretty clear invasion of privacy, right?


Is this any different from internet stings to catch predators of children who watch and produce child pornography? Police experts lay waiting posing as underage kids in chatrooms everyday in order to catch those adults who solicit sex to minors. Is this kind of practice unethical or merely a means by which law enforcers do their jobs?


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