Who Am I?

My name is Lisa and I’m a senior SMAD & WRTC major. This blog is the product of a project and will serve to inform those in our field about the ethical dilemmas in our ever-expanding world of social media. Now, a little about the author:

I wish I could be in a barber shop quartet. One of my favorite passtimes is trimming trees with an electric saw. I love any music with horns in it.  Sometimes I pretend I’m a jazz singer when I’m alone. 42oz bags of Peanut M&M’s can turn a day from bad to better. I wish it snowed when it’s hot out.  Love is a many splendid thing. I have all of “The Parent Trap” memorized. I run an all-women’s radio talk show called Dame Theory. I wish it was acceptable to wrap myself in blankets during class. I like to push the envelope.