Social Media Resume

Lisa Shea

Email: Shealb at dukes dot jmu dot edu


  • I’m a senior at James Madison University, expected to graduate in May, 2011.
  • I’m a double major in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication AND Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
  • I have recently been accepted into the James Madison University Graduate School to continue my education in the Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication program.

A little about myself:

  • I am a passionate, driven, enthusiastic, creative and intelligent communications professional with broad interests spanning brand strategy, company advertising, and the intelligence community. I want to be able to help companies organize their creative juices and create a powerful visual message across various mediums to accelerate an organization’s  success and visibility across target markets. I am a corporate communicator who understands the function and need in implementing social media. I am routinely a leader in any group assignment and I am zealous about working in the defense contracting field. I am intrepid, driven and meticulous with a creative edge that I apply to everything I do.


  • I have been a part of teams across a variety of Medias. In my senior year of high school I was the president and anchor-person of my school’s morning news program.
  • When I got to college I became involved in the school’s student-run radio station, WXJM. Over the course of my four years at the station I have been a DJ, a talk show host, a producer, a trainer, and have held the highest position as manager.
  • I have also contributed articles to the school’s newspaper, The Breeze
  • Currently, I am an intern at WVPT (a local PBS station) where I have been spending my semester raising money and planning a free children’s health fair for the community.

Looking for:

  • Ideally, I would love to work as a corporate communicator for a company part of the Geo-spatial intelligence community or for a government contractor.
  • However, I am flexible and multi-faceted and could be comfortable taking on a number of positions such as P.R, marketing, and event planning in a wide variety of other industries.

Reference Quotes:

“Lisa handled her leadership role at WXJM well.  Her key responsibility was handling financial paperwork in compliance with the strict policies and procedures that come with working in a state university environment.  She was also part of a three-person leadership team for the station.  As students leading students/peers/friends, this is always a challenging task for the team, and Lisa stood out as a mature, responsible and thoughtful partner.” —Tom DuVal WMRA/WEMC Public Radio Network

“Lisa has the remarkable ability to deal with the public and co-workers in a manner which shows sensitivity, tact, and professionalism. She is dedicated to her job and is a tremendous worker.” —Mike Arrington, YMCA Camp Director

“Lisa Shea is great to work with. She is dependable, which is important in the mostly unsupervised position of lab assistant. She also has pleasant people skills that have proven valuable for interacting with our patrons and with other lab assistants. If given the chance, I would certainly hire her again.”– Stephany Plecker, Director, Language Resource Center; Russian Literature and Language; Dept of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures-James Madison University



Marketing ProjectThis is a pdf made by my group for a class project. A group of five put together a strategic marketing plan for Big Brothers Big sisters of Harrisonburg Rockingham County. I took the role of group leader and facilitated the sharing of ideas within my team. I set deadlines, organized, and wrote the attached pdf, as well as came up with the slogan we used and recorded a radio PSA for the hypothetical event.


Grant request proposal:

Grant ProposalThis is a grant proposal and a request for sponsorship letter both written by me on behalf of WVPT, a local PBS station. Both pieces were written in an attempt to obtain money in order to put on a free children’s health fair for the community.

Request of Sponsorship Letter:

Sponsorship LetterThis is a letter of sponsorship letter that I also wrote in an effort to raise money for the children’s health fair.



Journalism–This is a contributed article for JMU’s school newspaper, The Breeze. The article was originally a class assignment for my Feature Writing class, but was then submitted to the paper to be printed.


Creative Writing:

The following is a true account written for a program when I studied abroad in Ireland in the Summer of ’09. The story is about a fascinating stranger who spoke to me about his views on creativity.

Creative Writing Sample



  • A PSA I wrote, recorded, and edited for a marketing project for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harrisonburg/Rockingham County:

  • Below is a phone interview I conducted with Bravo’s “Kell on Earth” star, Emily Bungert. The interview was broadcasted live on WXJM 88.7 FM



    A video made to elaborate on my Octotber 20th, 2010 blog post, “A Guiding Hand or Plagiarism?


    For more past employment information see my full resume


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